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"Acclaimed stylist, Ivan Ferreira's invisible layering technique, aka the ‘no hair cut hair cut’ which works by cutting away split ends without compromising the length."


"Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Daphne Guinness, Marie-Chantal of Greece, Eva Herzigova, Tamara Beckwith (you get the idea)… Lucky me was able to join this rank of fabulous women… an incredible cut with the talented Ivan Ferreira."


"Ivan: he's brilliant company and amazing at creating curls that look done but not too done, using a combination of rollers and tongs to get beach-esque waves year-round."


"If you're keen to youth proof your face without resorting to cosmetic procedures, an ageless haircut has the most impact - says celebrity hairstylist Ivan Ferreira."


"There’s a lot of change taking place in Chelsea and while the area continues to evolve on the surface, the real gems continue to thrive amongst the locals who know where to go.One of these ‘in-the-know’ places is Ivan’s Studio. And for those who know, Ivan has cast his magic on the beautiful tresses of Demi Moore, Kate Winslet and Uma Thurman to name a few. He’s the acclaimed stylist Chelsea Girls love and his boutique studio is the perfect setting for women wanting a more intimate space where they can relax without the busy traffic of a hair salon."

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